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Answers To Your Questions

Can I view a property before committing? Generally this is not possible except in the case of lets of 8 weeks or more when it might be able to be arranged. If you want to check out the area, for each property the exact location is shown when you click its Map link. A glance at What Our Guests Say will reassure you that the descriptions and photographs accurately portray the properties. In many cases a previous guest will have agreed to act as a reference and we will supply their contact details on request.

What is the minimum let? Unless otherwise stated we have a minimum stay of 5 nights, indicates properties with a 3 night minimum stay. You can of course pay for the minimum number of nights but stay for fewer if you wish.

How many people can stay? Unless specifically agreed otherwise, the maximum number of people who may occupy a property may not exceed the number advertised for the accommodation and unless a sofa-bed or blow-up mattress is provided with the accommodation under no circumstances may any of the reception rooms be used for sleeping accommodation for any part of the stay.

What time can we arrive? For most arrivals you will be able to go straight into your property whatever time you arrive in Rome. However occasionally, if the property is being used the previous night (and we might well not know this at the time you make your booking), this may not be possible. In this case we will try to make arrangements for you to leave your bags at the property or at a nearby secure location until it is ready, normally early afternoon. If you arrive at your rental between 8.00pm and 11.00pm there is a late arrival charge of €50 payable to the person meeting you, if you arrive after 11.00pm this increases to €100. If you need guaranteed access first thing in the morning we suggest you make your booking starting from the day before.

How do I get to my property? We work closely with reliable car companies and can arrange a car to meet you at the airport if you wish. Costs vary depending on the car company, their available vehicles and where you are going. Expect to pay €50-€90 depending on which airport and how many people. For more people a bigger car is needed so it's a bit more expensive but it works out less on a per person basis. For more than two people it normally works out cheaper than train or the métro and then a taxi from the station. It's certainly a much more pleasant way to start your stay rather than fighting through the Rome rush hour with heavy suitcases.

Who will let me in? One of our representatives will be at the property to welcome you, let you in and tell you all about the property. At the same time they'll introduce you to Rome and the immediate area, covering such important points as where the local shops and restaurants are and how the transport system works. You'll also be asked to sign our standard Holiday Let Agreement - available for inspection on request and you'll be provided with 2 full sets of keys (3 for larger properties).

What about early or late arrivals? If you are arriving outside our normal hours (before 8.00am or after 8.00pm) you'll be asked to let yourself in and our representative will come to see you later that morning for early arrivals, or the following morning for late arrivals. In these cases, if you have requested a car to meet you at the airport the driver will have the key and, normally, the starter pack of breakfast provisions and basic toiletries. If you are arriving outside our normal times and making your own way to the property you will collect the key from a pick-up point in central Rome and our representative will deliver the starter pack of breakfast provisions and basic toiletries when she comes to meet you.

Can I bring my cat or dog? In general - no. Very few of our owners allow pets, so cats and dogs are not permitted in our rentals without explicit prior permission.

What's included in the price? The rental price includes the use of the property as a holiday rental, utilities (water, gas and electricity), use of the telephone but not the cost of telephone calls and use of towels (one set - hand towel and bath towel per person) and linen. The administration charge of €100 covers check-in and check-out, starter pack of breakfast provisions and basic toiletries, cleaning and laundry, and telephone help line. But please note there is a "city tax" of €2 per person (aged 10 or over) per night, payable in cash on arrival.

Are there washing and ironing facilities? Unless stated otherwise in the detailed description, all our properties have a washing machine. Some have a combined washer/dryer, some have a separate dryer and a few have drying racks. All have irons.

What about a cot (crib in US English) and high chair for a baby? We can supply a basic travel cot, which also doubles as a playpen, (+ bedding) and a booster seat for a nominal nightly charge.

What condition will the property be in? All our properties have been carefully selected and are of a standard appropriate to the price charged. They will always be clean and tidy. The owners will put away their immediate personal effects and make some drawer and hanging space available. Please remember this is their home or Paris pied-à-terre and inevitably they will still have some/most of their things there. Please also remember that all homes have their little idiosyncrasies and imperfections - that's part of their charm. Rome, like all great cities, is permanently renewing itself. While it is highly unlikely, it is possible that construction/building work is happening within earshot of your rental. Like all city dwellers, we have no control over when such works begin or end, but if we have been informed we will of course advise you of their existence. If there are such works, building control regulations prohibit noise outside normal working hours, when you are likely to be out and about, and over weekends, keeping inconvenience to a minimum. If you insist on 100% perfection then you should not book with us but consider rather a 4/5 star hotel or equivalent serviced accommodation.

What is the starter pack of breakfast provisions and basic toiletries? It's provisions for a light, continental style, breakfast for the first couple of days of your stay: croissants, butter, jams, tea and coffee, sugar, milk and fruit juice, plus any special requests - subject to price and availability, and basic toiletries such as soap, loo paper, washing up liquid etc.

Can I use the telephone? Of course. The cost of your calls will be charged against your deposit. One or two of our properties do not have landlines installed, if you need a cell phone that will work in Italy buy a phone that will operate on the 900 and 1800 MHz (European) bands, alternatively consider hiring from Cello Mobile -

Do I need to bring an electrical converter? France is on 220/240 volts as opposed to the North American 110/120 system. This means that no North American electrical appliances will work unless it is dual voltage or you have a proper converter - not just an adaptor plug. Go to for further information.

Is there Internet access? Some properties have high-speed broadband internet access - these are flagged in the property listings, with details on the individual property page. Usage is for web browsing and email, costs incurred as a result of excess usage (music/video downloads/streaming) may be charged. For properties that are advertised as having internet access - while every effort will made to provide this facility it can not be guaranteed and we suggest you also bring an ethernet cable, and a USB / ethernet adapter if your device has no ethernet slot, in case you have difficulties with a wifi connection. There are internet cafés all over Rome and in many, like Starbucks, you can use your own notebook/laptop with a wifi connection.

What servicing is there? The administration charge covers a weekly clean and change of towels and bed linen - for rentals of more than 10 nights, and please note that some of our property owners insist that this is carried out, and/or end of stay cleaning and laundry. You are expected to make your beds, do your washing up, keep the place clean and tidy, and put out your rubbish. We can arrange for daily servicing at an additional cost if required.

What is the telephone help line? It’s a number you can call to get advice on any questions you may have about Rome and your stay. We do not guarantee to provide answers to every question but, if we can't we will certainly be able to point you in the right direction. If you are really stuck you can also use it as a translation service if you are having problems communicating with someone!

What do I do when I leave? With the exception of the laundry, you are expected to leave the property in the same state as you found it. Either one of our representatives will be on hand to see you out, or we will ask you to lock the door and post the keys back through the letter box. Check-out is normally by 10.00am but may be a little later by prior agreement. However if you do need to be guaranteed to be able to stay after 10.00am (for late pm departures) we suggest you book the property for the following night as well.

When will I get my security deposit back? We will normally refund your card with your security deposit less any charges incurred - telephone calls, extra cleaning (if required), damages etc. within 15 days of your departure.

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